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A research based program that encourages participation in treatment and adoption of healthy behaviors by utilizing positive reinforcement skills and techniques.

A Balanced Day Positive Reinforcement Program

A Balanced Day (ABD) app is a digitalized behavioral management program built on an iOS platform. The application process is based on the practice of Operant Conditioning, specifically the principles of Positive Reinforcement. ABD integrates into the milieu of an inpatient psychiatric program or residential treatment center. The intuitive design promotes staff knowledge of behavior management principles (e.g., schedules of reinforcement, operationalizing behaviors; shaping of behaviors and positive reinforcement), enhances critical thinking skills with challenging patients, facilitates positive staff to patient relationships and reinforces patient participation in active treatment. ABD is one facet of an overall structured clinical program. Other key elements include, a robust and compliant schedule, clinical and evidence based driven group programming, and a collaborative treatment planning approach.

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A History of Reinforcement
Reinforcer Assessment

Reinforcer Assessment
Preference assessments are observations or trial-based evaluations that allow us to determine a preference hierarchy. A preference hierarchy indicates which items are a child's highly-preferred items, moderately-preferred items, and low-preferred items. The higher preferred item can correlate with higher reinforcement value.


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Principles of Positive Reinforcement

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